Friday, June 3, 2011

FO Friday #2/Game Plan

 Finished Object for today:

Well, I had a few more FOs to show off today, but my camera doesn't want to recognize my memory card :(
But at least I can show you my latest addition to the Iris Square swap over at The Vanna's Choice Fan Club on Ravelry (yay for scanners!). This is a larger version of the Sunburst Granny Square by Priscilla Hewitt.

For more FO's check out Tami's Amis and Other Creations :)

Game Plan
Thanks to some wonderful readers, helpful desingers, and experienced bloggers, I think I've finally got a game plan for my new etsy shop and partnered blog.

 What I'll be selling:

Amigurumi of all different types, but I'll be starting out with dragons designed by ItsyBitsySpider. Each color dragon will have it's own name, birthday and short description of it's personality or favorite things to do (kindda like beanie babies). I'm also contemplating giving each a personalized adoption certificate when they're purchased.

I could also do series of these: Like starting out making only 10 red dragons named Bob. Each could be numbered and if the Bob dragon is requested after the initial 10 are sold, then there could be second editions.

What I'll be blogging about:

Each dragon will have it's own profile page.
Care/Cleaning instructions for your new amigurumi.
Guest posts by other plush artists.
Upcoming designs.
Thank you Fresh Stitches for these wonderful ideas!

**Oh! And I almost forgot the best part! I (ok...really my husband :P) came up with the cutest shop name:
So what do ya'll think? Do you have any more ideas or useful tips?


  1. Awesome! Sounds like a great plan!

  2. First, I love the granny square. Second, I think you have some awesome ideas for your shop! I can't wait to see the dragons and read more about their different personalities, etc. I didn't comment on your Wed. post, because I was afraid I couldn't be much help, since I've been struggling to find my niche for awhile. I can't wait to see your business take shape.

    P.S. you might want to check out my latest blog post. I found out some important information yesterday that is actually old news, but new to me. It particularly affects people selling items for children.

  3. I love the granny square and what a great idea to use the scanner! I would have never thought of that and it showed up perfect.

    Great idea for the shop. Looking forward to seeing all the dragons (especially the Bobs)! LOL

  4. Sounds like you have some great ideas. good luck with all of your plans.

  5. Good luck with your shop and blog. Your plans sound great!

  6. Love dragons ~ you will do well ~ ^_^ ~ Visiting from Blog Frog ~ hope to 'see' you again ^_^