Thursday, May 26, 2011

FO Friday #1

I've been super busy lately. This is what I've been up to :

I joined The Vanna's Choice Fan Club on Ravelry and immediately jumped into a 4 month Iris themed granny square swap! Everyone got the exact same yarn (colors inspired by irises) so that all the squares will match.

Irises hold a special place in my heart. My grandparents have been apart of the Mardi Gras Krewe of Iris ever since I could remember and there house has always been filled with irises, real and decorative. So when I see an iris, I always think of my grandparents.

Here are some of my squares so far:

The 3-D Iris Squares were made by following Sandy Meeks's pattern and then sewn onto a Diagonal Box Stitch Square. The other squares, from right to left/top to bottomare: Tricolor Square, Fisherman's Ring, and Carousel Square. 6 squares down, 14 to go... :P

 I also just tested out Monkey Toy Pattern. He came out so cute! He has found a happy home with my sister :)

On other fronts, I've just been invited to sell at my first craft show! I'm so excited!! Now I just need to get busy making some cuteys (I'm thinking I'll mainly sell amigurumi). I'm on the lookout for patterns to use where the designer doesn't mind me selling the finished toy, so let me know of any cute or unique ones that you know of. So far, I know I'm going to make K4TT's Pegasus. Wish me luck!