Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Patch Together


I can get DoOomcat as a toy?!

So I'm not a 100% sure how new this website is, but it's new to me!^^

Basically the way it works is you post up designs you've created that you think would make a good toy, plushy or t-shirt. People can then come by and vote/give feedback. Depending on how much positive attention your design gets, the site will put your work up for pre-order and then from there will decide on a certain number to produce. Profits are split 70:30 between Patch Together and the artist while the artist keeps all rights to the design.

Sounds pretty nifty!

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  1. That does sound cool! I just started my blog a few weeks ago too. Yours looks great! This is Lisa from The Hive, buzzin around to support my sister bees!

    I am all a twitter about life